Third Wave Coffee Roasters | Forum Shantiniketan , Bangalore

Project Name : Third Wave Coffee Roasters, Forum Shantiniketan

Area : 3000 Sft

Project location : Forum Shantiniketan mall, Whitefield, Bangalore

Project Type :Commercial Interiors | Hospitality | Cafe

Theme : Contemporary| Chic Industrial

Design Team : Sneha Kiran Bhagwat, Jovine John

The Outcome

The brand is known well for their warm, cosy, neighbourhood social/ co-working space setting; This was the first café outlet the client was set to open in a mall space.

The brief from the client was to make the space follow the same language as the other cafes, without letting the high ceilings and the rigidity in the mall design and guidelines come in way of a beautiful personal experience of the place. We thus chose to let the shell of the space be as in, imperfections and all, and let the parts we wanted the brain to focus on, be warm and cosy. The care taken in the detail of the large elements that rule the space, is the main reason it worked beautifully, when the structure remained untouched; complete in its incompletion.

The layout is designed to divide the space into zones with different seating types, while still keeping it open and social. The colours, fabric, wood tones, signage and lighting is specifically put together to make the place inviting. Even the glazing is treated with curved wood frames.

The space was designed to have exposed services. The structure is kept untouched, service lines and conduits are designed to be clean, to accentuate the perfection in the imperfection of the ceiling.

Working with the mall requirements was a huge challenge, as we decided to complement the space without false ceilings. The various service lines would run through the space, we had to work towards drawing less attention to these lines. The plot in the mall was not designed to be an F’n’B plot. This had its own set of challenges because of the lack of ventilation and other services.

We designed and manufactured our own furniture for this project too. We usually do spend a lot of effort and time in getting the details right.

Retaining the raw cement finish was something quite pivotal in the direction it gave to our design. The brew bar’s counter is bound to the existing exposed concrete column.

That element stands out, accentuating the wabi sabi look we were going for. This presence of in-situ cement along with usage raw wood worked as an eye striking combination.

The warmth we were able to achieve with the space was a result of using elements that was available on site in combination with the warm tones of the wood. It looks like a perfect marriage of function and aesthetics that reigns the visual order.