Third Wave Coffee Roasters | Pune, India

Project Name : Third Wave Coffee Roasters, Pune

Area : 1500 Sft

Project location : Koregaon Park, Pune

Project Type :Commercial Interiors | Hospitality | Salon

Theme : Contemporary | Minimal

Design Team : Sneha Kiran Bhagwat, Jovine John

The Outcome

The ground floor of a 60 year old residential building in Pune’s new but old-world Koregaon Park was to be converted to a branch of the well loved coffee franchise.

This transformation Construction renovation project was a first for us where we had to understand the surroundings of the existing building, to emulate the same vibe for the outdoor area and the immediate streetscape.

The design needed to emanate the brands identity while also keeping in mind the context; the old small street but connected to the colleges/ashram around, the street full of aged trees; a generally retired neighborhood.

We decided to renovate the structure, to open up the apartment and make it open; inwardly as well as towards the street.

The structure is temporary; clean lines, minimal styling in line with the brand. The old world charm is retained with the warmth of the wood windows, doors and furniture.

With the project being a budget restricted one, a lot of design innovation went into using simple material innovatively.