House of Terraces | Channi Himmat Housing Colony, Jammu

Project Name : House of Terraces, Jammu

Area : 13000 Sft

Project location : Channi Himmat Housing Colony,

Project Type : Residential | Architecture

Theme : Contemporary | Chic

Design Team : Tahreem Viquar, Bhumika Srinivas

The Outcome

Situated in Jammu, this G+3 residence has been designed as the family home for a joint family of a father and his two sons. Contemporary style of design is adopted with certain elements that pay ode to the traditional and locally available materials. The material and colour palette consists of muted and pastel shades that accentuate minimalism followed in the planning and design of the elevations with elegant and chic elements brought in through marble finish tiles and stone profiles.

The spatial planning is Vastu compliant but also follows a clear segregation between public and private spaces with semi private areas that cater to circulation to the levels above. Each level of the house has been designed to act as a self sufficient unit but shares common spaces among the three levels that allow the family members to come together for occasions and gatherings. Outdoor deck and backyard on the ground floor, and balconies and terraces on the first and second floors are designed as semi-private spaces on each of the levels, to allow the users to interact with the outside while also retaining their privacy.

The louvred fins with wooden finish used on the terraces of this project is designed to cut the harsh Sun angle in summers, while also acting as a transition space between the indoors and outdoors. This detail creates a cozy and relaxing space for the clients while also not compromising on their privacy.The intent of the design is to establish a connection throughout all the floors and yet retain their respective privacy. The House of Terraces also blurs the division between the indoors and outdoors. The use of louvred fins not only adds character to the elevation but also allows ample light to filter in.